Ambient Improvisation

Anthony and Sam create an ambient exploration using various nifty musical gadgets.

Sam is playing a Tascam MF-P01 Portastudio tape recorder using recordings of his voice and old poems into a Strymon Timeline Delay and BigSky Reverb. These are the sampled sounds and choir chords you hear.

Anthony is playing a maxpatch known as IOTA which is a granular spectral looper. It is providing the shimmery pad texture. Next that light up grid thingy is a Synthstrom Deluge, a really fun and formidable device, sequencing the drums as well as the third device. That is the Roland Se-02, providing the mono basslines and synth wiggles. Credits: Obviously this video style was influenced by Knobs, a really fun quirky Youtube channel that reviews music gear.

Check it out: Thanks also to our little friend Circle Patch for the deco, you can see her work here: